About us

Hi, we are a group of writers who review all types of products related to commercial products that sell online.

We research other reviews, data, and often own the products we review, no we have not bought every single griddle we review on this site.

Our curation process does include reading reviews on popular sites that sell these products, also we use Instagram to hashtag specific products people might deem popular or trending due to the product’s ability to attribute a function that is regarded to be useful.

we scan popular youtube videos to also see the pros and cons of products we review. We have included these videos for our reviews.

Rest assured if you see a product on griddle review, please realize that we have accumulated a lot of data to offer the best summary of the product to help you our reader further the process of coming to a decision.

We are reader-funded, so if you decide to click through our link to purchase a product we will get a commission as an affiliate. No this does not change our opinion on a product review to sway anyone. We do review products that are popular and have high review counts that are positive.